We are the only licensed farmed sturgeon caviar producers in Latvia (our CITES registration number is LV-0001). Our black caviar is packaged at our farm and shipped to our UK selling point. We produce Osetra (Acipenser baerii) and Sterlet (Acipenser ruthenus) caviar.

osetra caviar malossol, Mottra Ltd.

Buy a small 56 g jar of our fine “staple” caviar. Or a larger 90 g jar for the better taste.FREE postage within the UK.


sterlet caviar malossol, Mottra Ltd.

Try this delicious tsars’ and shahs’ caviar. Unduly forgotten but ranks all the other caviars apart from beluga. Sold in 56 g and 90 g jars. FREE postage within the UK.
To read about sterlet press HERE



For more information, please contact us on 0203 008 4671 or sales@mottra.co.uk

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