Discerning black caviar lovers will always have suffered from the knowledge that wild breeding sturgeon were killed to provide this world beating delicacy. Mottra has solved this dilemma with the use of modern technology and special sturgeon caviar farming techniques that encourage caviar production whilst putting the welfare of the sturgeon first. Once the sturgeon is about five years of age the caviar gets gently ‘milked’ or massaged out of the fish. It is then put back into the perfect conditions of the Mottra pools in Riga, Latvia where the sturgeon continues to grow and starts the next process of caviar production.

We now have this delicious farmed caviar without killing the sturgeon or stopping it from going on to breed in the future. Killing wild sturgeon is very much at odds with British concerns on animal welfare and sustainability. Mottra brings progress to the caviar market and supports animal welfare and sustainable food production

We farm several species of sturgeon. The most popular are osetra and sterlet. Sterlet sturgeon (Acipenser ruthenus)

is one of the smaller species of sturgeon and is now very rare. To read more about sterlet press HERE
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