"Mottra caviar. That's it. Why would you have anything else. I've been working with a sustainable caviar company called Mottra (available from Selfridges or, which produces Sterlet and Osetra caviar in Latvia. Caviar from wild fish is going to be a thing of the past, because there just ain't that many sturgeon out there any more. On top of the sustainability aspect, the eggs are much less salty than traditional kinds, so you get a good taste of the actual eggs".

Mark Hix, chef, author and entrepreneur


Boiled egg with Mottra caviar
Fettuccine with Mottra caviar and crème fraîche
� Pan-fried scallops with Mottra
� Baked potatoes with Mottra caviar (little mini potatoes, bite size)
� De Beauvoir smoked salmon Hix Cure with Mottra
� Scrambled duck�s egg on toasted brioche with Mottra
� Oysters with champagne jelly and Mottra
� Coley with buttered sea greens and Mottra

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