Lighter Christmas snacks from Mark Hix
Lighter Christmas snacks from Mark Hix
Mark Hix recommends some easy to prepare snacks for guests at Christmas using some indulgent ingredients                                                             Sunday, 29 November 2009    
Boiled egg with Mottra caviar

Serves 8
I've been working with a sustainable caviar company called Mottra (available from Selfridges or, which produces Sterlet and Osetra caviar in Latvia. Caviar from wild fish is going to be a thing of the past, because there just ain't that many sturgeon out there any more. On top of the sustainability aspect, the eggs are much less salty than traditional kinds, so you get a good taste of the actual eggs.
Apart from the traditional way on toast or on blinis, I do like caviar piled up on a buttery baked potato or on a scrambled egg. You can pass these round in egg cups or just flatten the base of the egg by crushing it and let your guests just hold the egg and eat it with a teaspoon.
8 small free-range eggs (hen's or duck's)
A couple of knobs of butter
2tbsp double cream
Salt and white pepper
50g-100g Mottra Sterlet or Osetra caviar

With a pair of scissors, cut the top quarter off the eggs and tip the contents into a bowl. Discard the top bit, neatly trim the main shell and give it a rinse under warm water and place in egg cups. Beat the eggs, add the cream and season. Melt the butter in a heavy-based saucepan on a low heat, add the eggs, and stir on a low heat until they're lightly scrambled and still very soft. Spoon out of
the pan immediately into the eggshells or they'll continue cooking. Spoon the caviar on top and serve immediately.

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