1. Mottra caviar has a very mild and subtle taste, highly valued by connoisseurs.

     2. The overpowering taste of fish is absent from our caviar because real caviar should not have such an unpleasant taste.

     3. Mottra caviar has no taste of algae. Mottra’ fish swims in crystal clear artesian water.

     4. There is no sharp aftertaste, as our caviar is stored at strictly controlled cool temperatures. If you find such an aftertaste in other caviars, it will be lactic acid which you very often find in tinned caviar and means that something other than salt was added and the tins were possibly stored in a warm place.

     5. Mottra caviar is not sticky because we have minimised the salt added. When caviar is too sticky this is most likely the result of too much salt.

     6. Mottra caviar is neither wet nor mushy. Caviar is wet and mushy when there is not enough salt in it but there are other preservatives added. Mottra adds nothing whatsoever to its caviar.


     7. Mottra caviar maintains its individual grain to grain. Mottra’s special farming methods allow the fish to mature, resulting in fish eggs with a fully developed outer layer. This is how caviar tasted hundreds of years ago before sturgeon was overfished and hydropower stations were built on the rivers where the fish swam. In the olden days sturgeon would swim upstream to spawn and would be caught with fully matured eggs. In the 20 century this all changed and young sturgeon with immature eggs were intensively fished straight from the Caspian Sea with this inferior caviar flooding the market.


     1. MOTTRA’s caviar is ethical. Sturgeon is milked or ‘stripped’ of their eggs once harvested rather than being culled or performing a cesarean section.
     2. MOTTRA’s caviar is sustainable. Fish eggs come from own sturgeon. Due to the ethical spawning sturgeon breed all its productive life. The fish are not wasted.
     3. MOTTRA’s caviar is fully traceable to the origin at the farm where it has grown from its own fish eggs
     4. MOTTRA’s caviar is healthy. No artificial substances or preservatives (apart from salt) are used.
     5. MOTTRA’s caviar is ecological. Sturgeon is farmed indoors and the water comes from 150 m deep artesian wells. Water consumption of the plant is reduced to a technologically possible minimum.
     6. MOTTRA also carefully manages the feeds buying from reliable producers that have the best quality and are ecologically friendly.
     7. MOTTRA’s farm is an indoor farm. There is no air or water pollution there.
     8. MOTTRA’s farm is friendly to the environment. Water which passes into the environment is totally free of chemical additives and neither nature nor the groundwater is affected.
     9. MOTTRA is concerned with global warming. The farm has very low energy consumption.

     MOTTRA’s caviar comes from Osetra, Acipenser Baerii (well-known gourmet caviar) and Sterlet, Acipenser Ruthenus (delicious tsars’ and shahs’ caviar: unduly forgotten but ranking all the other caviars apart from beluga) and is done according to the classical method of preparation: it is grain-to-grain (not mushy) and malossol (meaning ‘slightly salted’ in Russian language from where the word came from)


The sterlet sturgeon (Acipenser ruthenus)

is one of the smaller species of sturgeon and is now very rare. With small grey-golden sterlet eggs, the Sterlet caviar was once ranked alongside Beluga by the Russian Tsars, Iranian Shahs and Austrian Emperors in the quality ranking, followed by medium-sized eggs of the Osetra Sturgeon and lastly Sevruga.

Sterlet caviar has disappeared from the market for almost 50 years but is now coming back. The fish is very sensitive and it is difficult to farm but Mottra technology has made it possible.

Mottra brings the unique taste of real caviar back to caviar lovers.


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